CertAlarm supports EC initiative

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CertAlarm today took part in the workshop "Discussion on a possible Commission initiative on Harmonisation of the Certification of Alarm Systems" organised by the European Commission.  The workshop was set up as a follow-up discussion to the online public consultation on this subject.

CertAlarm gains acceptance in Spain

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CertAlarm is pleased to announce that CertAlarm certification is now fully accepted in Spain. The Spanish Government and the Ministry of Interior introduced four Ministerial Orders which legislate the Spanish Security business. These were enforced in August 2011 for systems requiring a police response. The spirit of these orders is to improve the quality of the systems installed and reduce the level of false alarms in the country. Prior to the introduction of the legislation, the false alarm rate was over 95%.

CertAlarm announces appointment of Marketing Advisory Group Chair

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Marketing activities stepped up as CertAlarm Scheme gains wider recognition.
CertAlarm is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chair of its Marketing Advisory Group. Noelia Castillon, South Europe Channel Marketing Leader of Honeywell EMEA, will head up the group which advises the Board of CertAlarm, and undertakes targeted marketing campaigns.

100th CertAlarm certificate published

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Brussels, April 3, 2013 – CertAlarm, an organization offering a pan-European quality mark in the fire protection and security systems industry, today announced the publishment of its 100th certificate.  “The fact that we have reached the 100 certificates milestone proves that we are on the right way to becoming the pan-European mark for the fire and security industries recognised across the EU”, says Wouter Blom, Director of the CertAlarm Board.