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TRaC Global and CertAlarm announce partnership


TRaC Global, a UKAS Accredited Test, Regulatory and Certification company that helps clients achieve product compliance and CertAlarm, an organisation offering a pan-European quality mark in the fire protection and security systems industry, today announced a long-term partnership. By taking TRaC Global on board as a Recognised Test Laboratory (RTL), CertAlarm further expands its network of partners, all of which are accredited Certification Bodies and Test Laboratories. For TRaC Global, the partnership strengthens its existing offering of EMC testing security products, as it will now be able to test products under the CertAlarm scheme.
With a variety of national marks, manufacturers are today forced to prove compliance by having their product re-tested and re-certified by local test and certification bodies – a highly expensive and time-consuming process that needs to be repeated in each country.
With CertAlarm, fire and security products need to be tested and certified only once. Manufacturers simply ask approved CertAlarm partners for a quote. The selected CertAlarm partner then tests and certifies the product according to the CertAlarm scheme.
Once the product has successfully passed all tests, the CertAlarm partner issues a CertAlarm certificate, enabling the manufacturer to sell the product throughout Europe while having spent a fraction of what would normally have to be paid to obtain the various national marks.
As a new Recognised Test Laboratory, TRaC will focus on EMC testing under the CertAlarm scheme. “As a Test, Regulatory and Certification company, we are committed to expanding our services to meet the demands of the markets with whom our clients engage. The vision behind the CertAlarm approach dovetails exactly with ours – helping the industry create a pan-European quality mark while increasing the level of safety and security for Europe and its citizens”, says Mark Heaven, CEO, TRaC Global.
“We are very excited to welcome TRaC Global as our new partner. With more than 65 years’ engineering knowledge and expertise, TRaC will further contribute to the know-how and good reputation of our partners and enable our customers to collect quotes from an increased number of renowned test laboratories,” adds Anja Kinsky, General Manager of CertAlarm.