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Certification Scope

You will find hereunder the list of standards group by family of product. Click on classification to display existing standard.

Standardsort descending Product CertAlarm doe*
EN 50131-2-2:2008 Passive infrared detectors
EN 50131-2-2:2017 Passive infrared detectors
EN 50131-2-3:2008 Microwave detectors
EN 50131-2-4:2008 Combined passive infrared and microwave detectors
EN 50131-2-5:2008 Combined passive infrared and ultrasonic detectors
EN 50131-2-6:2008 Opening contacts
EN 50131-2-7-1:2012/A2:2016 Glass break detectors (acoustic)
EN 50131-2-7-2:2012/A2:2016 Glass-break detectors (passive)
EN 50131-2-7-3:2012/A2:2016 Glass break detectors (active)
EN 50131-2-8:2016 Shock detectors
EN 50131-3:2009 Control and indicating equipment
EN 50131-4:2009 Warning devices
EN 50131-4:2019 Warning devices
EN 50131-5-3:2005 + A1:2008 Interconnections equipment using radio frequency techniques
EN 50131-5-3:2017 Interconnections equipment using radio frequency techniques
EN 50131-6:2008 Power supply equipment
EN 50131-6:2008 + A1:2014 Power supply equipment
EN 50131-6:2017 Power supply equipment

Applicable to all PS integrated into other products except where excluded by product standard.

EN 50131-8:2009 Security fog devices and systems
EN 50133-1:1996 + A1:2002 System requirements