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Certification Scope

You will find hereunder the list of standards group by family of product. Click on classification to display existing standard.

Standard Product
ISO 7240-16:2007 Sound system control and indicating equipment
ISO 7240-17:2009 Short-circuit isolators
ISO 7240-18:2009 Input/output devices
ISO 7240-20:2010 Aspirating smoke detectors
ISO 7240-21:2005 Routing equipment
ISO 7240-22:2007 Smoke-detection equipment for ducts
ISO 7240-23:2013 Visual alarm devices
ISO 7240-24:2016 Sound-system loudspeakers
ISO 7240-25:2010 Components using radio transmission paths
ISO 7240-27:2009 Point-type fire detectors using a scattered-light,
ISO 7240-28:2014 Fire protection control equipment
ISO 7240-2:2003 Control and indicating equipment
ISO 7240-3:2010 Audible alarm devices
ISO 7240-4:2003 Power supply equipment
ISO 7240-5:2012 Point-type heat detectors
ISO 7240-6:2011 Carbon monoxide fire detectors using electro-chemica
ISO 7240-7:2011 Point-type smoke detectors using scattered light, tr
ISO 7240-8:2014 Point-type fire detectors using a carbon monoxide se
NEN 2535:2009 + C1:2010 Fireman's Panel NL
NF S 61-934:1991 Evacuation Control Panel CMSI