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Certification Scope

You will find hereunder the list of standards group by family of product. Click on classification to display existing standard.

Standardsort descending Product
CEA Document 4021:2003 Multi-sensor detectors, which respond to smoke and heat
DIN 14661:2011 Fireman’s Panel
DIN 14662:2010 Fireman’s Panel (Repeater Panel)
EN 12094-1:2003 Components for gas extinguishing systems - electrical contro
EN 12094-3:2003 Components for gas extinguishing systems - manual triggering
EN 14604:2005 + AC:2008 Smoke alarm devices
EN 50291-1:2010 + A1:2012 CO detectors for domestic premises
EN 50291-2:2010 CO detectors for recreational vehicles
EN 50291:2010 + A1:2012 CO detectors
EN 54-10:2002 + A1:2005 Flame detectors - point detectors
EN 54-11:2001 + A1:2005 Manual call points
EN 54-12:2015 Smoke detectors – line detectors using an optical beam
EN 54-13:2005 Fire detection and fire alarm systems
EN 54-13:2017 Fire detection and fire alarm systems
EN 54-16:2008 Voice alarm control and indicating equipment
EN 54-17:2005 + AC:2007 Short-circuit isolators
EN 54-18:2005 + AC:2007 Input/Output devices
EN 54-20:2006 + AC:2008 Aspirating smoke detectors
EN 54-21:2006 Fire alarm transmission systems and fault warn
EN 54-22:2015 Resettable line-type heat detectors