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CertAlarm Scheme accepted by EA


CertAlarm is pleased to announce that EA, the European co-operation for Accreditation (www., successfully evaluated and accepted the CertAlarm Scheme as a Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) operating in different EA member countries.

After the successful evaluation, the name of the scheme – CertAlarm – including the conformity assessment standard used for accreditation is published within the Members-Only area of the EA Intranet. Consequently, any application for accreditation of a Conformity Assessment Body according to the CertAlarm Scheme will be accepted by those EA-member Accreditation bodies willing to offer accreditation in accordance with the CertAlarm Scheme, in a harmonized way.

It is of major importance for the internal European market that conformity assessment results based on EA-endorsed Conformity Assessment Schemes are accepted in the marketplace. The acceptance facilitates cross border trade and demonstrates compliance with European legislation for products and services contributing to protect health, safety and the environment. The confidence this accreditation brings eliminates the need for suppliers to have their products certified in each country in which they wish to sell. Thereby it provides the framework for cross border sales in Europe and throughout the world.

“We are very pleased that the CertAlarm Scheme has once again proven that it fulfils the requirements of an international certification scheme and thereby remains to be the only pan-European certification scheme for fire safety and security products and systems in Europe”, says Anja Kinsky, General Manager of CertAlarm. “With the support of the Spanish National Accreditation Body ENAC, who have guided us professionally and successfully through this rather complex evaluation process, we can now rest assured that national authorities are obliged to accept the CertAlarm certificates issued by our Certification Bodies who are all accredited by National Accreditation Bodies which are EA members”, she adds.