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Security Systems

Approved Electronic Security Products and Systems

When you specify, buy, install or use a security product or system you have to be sure that it is reliable, truly fit for purpose and compliant with the applicable standards and relevant EU directives and regulations.

Systems that carry the CERTALARM Quality Mark assure that.


Certalarm works through independent, fully accredited, Test Laboratories and Certification Bodies to ensure that:

  • Certified products and systems truly meet the exact requirements that are contained in the relevant standards;
  • Manufacturers’ production control and Quality Management Systems ensure consistent production standards.

Additionally, periodic surveillance ensures that both products and manufacturers continue to meet these requirements for the quality of the product.

Through its members, CERTALARM is able to work with all sections of the industry, users, response authorities and standardisation bodies. CERTALARM develops and improves product standards and methods of assessment to ensure that certified products meet the needs of specifies and users - consistently and reliably.

Certification is initially available for:

  • Intrusion and hold-up alarm system components (using EN50131 series standards), including:
    • Control & indicating equipment
    • Power supplies
    • Detectors
    • Warning devices
  • Alarm transmission systems and components (using EN50136 series standards)

Later extension of the scheme will include:

  • Intrusion and hold-up alarm systems (when standards become available!)
  • CCTV systems and components (using EN50132 series standards)
  • Access control systems and components (using EN50133 series standards)
  • Social alarm systems and components (using EN50134 series standards)
  • Alarm systems and components for vehicles and other mobile applications
  • Lone worker protection systems

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