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Round-robin tests on passive infrared detector completed


CertAlarm today confirmed the completion of their round-robin test series on passive infrared detectors. Round-robin tests are comparative tests performed by the participating laboratories at regular intervals and using the same test sample. As such they enable CertAlarm’s recognized test laboratories (RTLs) to see if the results of their testing are comparable to those achieved in the other laboratories. They are an important instrument of external quality control for laboratories and are used to determine and verify the accuracy of their measuring methods.
In particular, round-robin tests help to bring to light inconsistencies in the testing systems or methods and can give rise to necessary corrective action, e.g.:

  • interpretation of standards,
  • calibration/maintenance of the testing equipment,
  • training of the laboratory personnel,
  • adjustment of influencing factors relevant to testing (e.g. climate).

The recently completed tests were performed on a passive infrared detector based on standard EN 50131-2-2:2008 grade 2 and grade 3.
The four participating laboratories ANPI, Applica Test & Certification , Alter Technology TÜV Nord and Kiwa FS&S Testing (a tradename of Telefication BV ) all came to the conclusion that the detector satisfies the requirements of the applicable standard for clause 6.7.5, detection of detector masking, of EN 50131-2-2.
“We now have a better understanding of how accurate and comparable our testing methods are”, says Marc Chenevoy, Chair of CertAlarm’s Technical Advisory Group. “The consistency of the results proves that our laboratories are doing things right and providing our customers with the same level of results”, he adds.