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New ATS guideline


As of 7. September 2018 all CertAlarm partners (Contracted Certification Bodies and Recognized Test Laboratories, will test and certify according to CertAlarm’s new ATS guideline. In the past, a transmitter could be given the EN 50136-1 certificate, when the device had only been tested to EN 50131-10 and EN 50136-2. The new guideline stipulates that to achieve the prestigious EN 50136-1 Alarm Transmission System Certificate, the test must include EN 50136-3 (for receiving equipment). Therefore to achieve an ATS certificate, the end-to-end system must be tested to EN 50131-10, EN 50136-1, EN 50136-2 and EN 50136-3. For fire systems EN 54-21 is also required.
“With the new guideline CertAlarm ensures that the security supply chain is specifying a system which has been end-to-end tested, in an effort to ensure security and reliability”, says Marc Chenevoy, Chair of CertAlarm’s Technical Advisory Group. “Other schemes which do not insist on end-to-end testing risk a reduction in security and solution management”, he adds. For all already existing CertAlarm ATS certificates, the following policy applies: The certificates are valid (even if they are not in compliance with the new guideline) until their date of expiry. For prolongations, the new guideline will be binding.