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Kiwa organises festive opening event for their new fire lab in The Netherlands


CertAlarm’s partner Kiwa recently announced the opening of their new state-of-the-art fire lab in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. To celebrate this, they are hosting a festive opening event “How to deal with complexity and integrality of future trends?" on the 13th of November 2019.“Collaboration is key in our sector. That is precisely why at CertAlarm we are happy to see the opening of the new fire lab, as a consequence, it will improve the cooperation between us and Kiwa”, says Anja Kinsky, General Manager at CertAlarm.Hyper connectedThe event is about much more than just fire safety. Nowadays the world is hyper connected as millions of devices, from cars and alarm equipment to refrigerators and door bells, are connected through the internet of things (IoT). For companies and organizations this trend brings accompanying risks and challenges, but also new opportunities. Therefore we need to look at this connected world integrally.Mathijs van Ballegooijen, Division Director at Kiwa: “The event is all about the need for a different mindset, sharing knowledge and collaboration throughout the entire chain. It is the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded people from The Netherlands and beyond”.Plenary sessions No organization can or should have to deal with the ever changing circumstances alone. That is why CertAlarm partner Kiwa organizes plenary sessions with all kinds of related topics during the event, to stimulate cooperation throughout the entire chain.Trendwatcher Tony Bosma will for instance guide participants of the event through the ever-changing world of the technology of the future and its accompanying risks. Next to that, international guests will be present and share their vision and elaborate on the possibilities for the future on topics like security, professional audio and IoT.Register!Interested or curious about the entire program? Visit Kiwa’s website and register to make sure you have a ticket!