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Certification Fees

Our charges

CERTALARM costs and charges are broken into three categories which are

  • The registration fee (once-only fee)
  • The certification fee (services of RTLs and CCBs)
  • The listing fee for using the CertAlarm Mark.

Registration fee

This is a once-only fee to register as a manufacturer in CERTALARM database for all future certifications (see also How to register). This fee is set at 3.922 €.

Fill in the application form: word / pdf

Certification fee (from RTL and CCB)

Charges for services of a test laboratory, inspection body or competence assessment body and a certification body are fixed by the body in question and according to the magnitude and complexity of the work involved. CERTALARM cannot advise on or influence these charges – it would be illegal to attempt to do so.

Listing fee

This is a nominal fee for each product placed on the market with the CERTALARM Mark from which the administration of the scheme is funded.

This fee is 135 € per certificate for the first year of certification and 539 € for subsequent years.