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CertAlarm supports EC initiative


CertAlarm today took part in the workshop "Discussion on a possible Commission initiative on Harmonisation of the Certification of Alarm Systems" organised by the European Commission.  The workshop was set up as a follow-up discussion to the online public consultation on this subject.
With the initiative, which was launched in 2012, the Commission proposes to create a true internal market for the security industry by inter alia harmonizing standards and certification procedures for security technologies. CertAlarm was invited to the workshop as one of three key stakeholders to support the European Commission with ideas on how to achieve this goal.
“The main obstacle for the Security (and Fire) market in the EU is the existence of national certification schemes blocking the market”, her organisation’s main position in the workshop describes Anja Kinsky, General Manager of CertAlarm. “We therefore strongly support the EC initiative to create a pan-European certification system and are confident that the blocking of the national markets by national certification schemes will soon become history”, she adds.
After having listened to the standpoints of all stakeholders and the following discussions, the Commission is now expected to present a first draft publication of the new legislation in the first quarter of 2015.