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CertAlarm scope now also includes ISO and IEC standards


The CertAlarm certification scope now offers extensions to the most recent standards based on ISO 7240 Series for Fire & Life Safety Alarm Systems Products and based on IEC TC79 standards for Alarm Electronic Security Systems with cross references to CENELEC TC79 portfolio of standards.

Beyond Intruder & Hold-up Alarm Systems it includes e.g.:

  • Transmission Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Social Alarms
  • Monitoring & Alarm Receiving Center

In addition to the newly added ISO 7240 standards, the CertAlarm scheme now also includes the following EN 54 standards which are not yet harmonized under the Construction Products Regulation:

  • EN 54-22:2015, Resettable line-type heat detectors
  • EN 54-27:2008, Duct smoke detectors

All standards covered by the CertAlarm scope can be found in CertAlarm’s Rules, Part 2: Standards specified for various products, systems and services (
“The CertAlarm scheme is updated regularly to make sure that all new standards requested by customers and Certification Bodies are available to use. Unlike other schemes which maintain limited scopes, the CertAlarm scheme allows for product innovations and new technologies by regular and prompt updates of its scope”, says Marc Chenevoy, Chair of the CertAlarm’s Technical Advisory Group.
“The inclusion of the relevant ISO and IEC standards furthermore enables to offer flexibility in the selection of standards as a base for certification", he says and adds: “It is important that newly published EN 54 standards are made available through CertAlarm. Due to current backlogs in the standards organisations, some documents have been on hold for over a year to be listed in the Official Journal for compliance with the CPR. Until this listing is released Notified Bodies cannot issue CPR certificates for the corresponding products, whereas CertAlarm can list EN54 and now the relevant ISO standards.”