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CertAlarm gains acceptance in Spain


CertAlarm is pleased to announce that CertAlarm certification is now fully accepted in Spain. The Spanish Government and the Ministry of Interior introduced four Ministerial Orders which legislate the Spanish Security business. These were enforced in August 2011 for systems requiring a police response. The spirit of these orders is to improve the quality of the systems installed and reduce the level of false alarms in the country. Prior to the introduction of the legislation, the false alarm rate was over 95%. To ensure the quality of the systems installed, the Private Security Authorities are obliged to only accept products which have been tested and certified to ISO67 System 3 or higher.
“We were pleased to learn that CertAlarm is a system 5 scheme which makes it perfectly in line with our increased performance and safety requirements”, comments Rafael Navarro, Chief Inspector of the Spanish Police. “It was clear to us that certificates issued under the CertAlarm scheme can be placed on our Police Website allowing our Private Security Authorities to check compliance with our legislation, and that the products used are legitimate and have been tested properly”, he adds.
The CertAlarm scheme is now widely accepted across the EU, with many of the leading manufacturers of Fire & Security products gaining third party certification with the scheme. "The scheme goes from strength to strength as we attract more manufacturers, and test & certification partners" says Anja Kinsky, General Manager of CertAlarm.
Other countries will follow, Anja Kinsky is convinced: “In some countries, insurers and certification bodies still cling to their monopolistic income stream. But they all know that it’s just a matter of time until Europe will get harmonised standards and certification procedures applicable to and recognised equally in each Member State.“