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CertAlarm appoints new General Manager


CertAlarm today announced the appointment of Anja Kinsky as the new General Manager of the organisation. Prior to joining CertAlarm, Anja Kinsky held the position of Head of the Approval & Conformity team of Siemens Fire Safety & Security, a Business Unit of Siemens Building Technologies.


“We feel Anja Kinsky is perfectly suited to act as General Manager, further stimulating growth and acceptance of the CertAlarm mark. In her previous role she was confronted with the workload and expenditures connected with the lack of a Europe-wide certification system, leading to time delays in market penetration”, said Wouter Blom, Director of the CertAlarm Board. “She therefore knows first-hand why the establishment of a pan-European quality mark is so important for the European industry and its customers.”


A recently published communication issued by the European Commission for Security Technologies estimates that the introduction of an EU-wide certification system could save the industry up to Euro 29 million per year in terms of testing and certification costs.


“The fact that the EC-communication refers to CertAlarm as the industry-led Europe-wide certification mechanism proves that the CertAlarm mark is on a good way to becoming the necessary pan-European mark recognised across the EU”, said Glen Dale, General Director of Euralarm, the association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic Fire Safety and Security industry.“CertAlarm is the only European certification scheme which has recently been endorsed by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) according to system 5. This positions CertAlarm as a true EU-wide quality mark helping clients to demonstrate compliance wherever they plan to sell their product in Europe.”