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CERTALARM is registered in Brussels as a non profit association (Association internationale sans but lucratif, AISBL). We offer a unique European quality mark that is based on a 3rd party one-stop certification to the EN54 fire standards and EN501 series of security standards. This has long been a goal of fire protection and security systems manufacturers, who have been faced with bureaucratic, costly and time consuming procedures - procedures that often involve multiple testing for products and services in order to be accepted in all EU member states.


Our certification schemes guarantee compliance to European product, system, installation and service standards and are designed to benefit all participants of the European fire and security industry whether they are small, large, national or international. Tests are carried out by accredited testing laboratories. Installation and service compliance is assured by accredited certification and inspection bodies. Inspections of installed systems will be undertaken as part of the certification process. In addition, sample testing ensures life long compliance of product & service. CERTALARM certification removes the necessity for products to be certified in each country: it reduces costs and speeds up the introduction of new products and technology. Furthermore, it removes the confusion created by country specific certification schemes, allowing easier cross border trading of product and services.

For more details have a look at our leaflet (CertAlarm_Brochure_Self-print version_A3 Paper NEW_0.pdf) and/or our company presentation (CertAlarm_new.ppt)