CertAlarm launches 2nd year of round-robin test series to improve the comparability between laboratories

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CertAlarm, an organization offering a pan-European quality mark in the fire protection and security systems industry, today confirmed the launch of its 2nd year of round-robin test series. Round-robin tests are comparative tests performed by the participating laboratories at regular intervals and using the same test sample. As such they are an important monitoring tool for CertAlarm’s partners and recognized test laboratories.

CertAlarm participates in Portuguese NFPA-APSEI Fire, Security, Health & Safety Conference in Estoril

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Noelia Castillón, Chair of CertAlarm’s Marketing Advisory Group, today gave a speech about the European norms creation process, the legal and regulatory framework in Europe and the benefits of CertAlarm at the 4th edition of the Portuguese NFPA-APSEI Fire, Security, Health & Safety  Conference in Estoril. The conference is the main safety and security event in Portugal with more than 1.500 Portuguese and international safety and security experts.  CertAlarm was invited to provide a presentation about certification and conformity of security systems.

CertAlarm attends ARTS conference in Bucharest

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Anja Kinsky, General Manager of CertAlarm, today gave a presentation on CertAlarm’s development, principles and future plans at the 6th edition of the national conference of ARTS, the Romanian Association for Security Technique, in Bucharest.  Over 95 security experts from Romania and other countries attended this year’s event which focused on the theme “minimum price versus quality in the security services”.

TRaC Global and CertAlarm announce partnership

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TRaC Global, a UKAS Accredited Test, Regulatory and Certification company that helps clients achieve product compliance and CertAlarm, an organisation offering a pan-European quality mark in the fire protection and security systems industry, today announced a long-term partnership. By taking TRaC Global on board as a Recognised Test Laboratory (RTL), CertAlarm further expands its network of partners, all of which are accredited Certification Bodies and Test Laboratories.