CertAlarm Association Members

Membership of the Association is open to physical persons and to associations, companies, authorities and other legal entities.

Each member belongs to one of the following 4 categories:

A. Certification bodies, test labs and inspection bodies

B. Industry

C. Users and Customers

D. Insurers and Authorities

CertAlarm Members are:

Alter Technology TÜV Nord (www.altertechnology.com), Applica Test & Certification (www.applica.no), Applus LGAI (www.applus.com), Intertek (www.intertek.com), KRIWAN Testzentrum GmbH (www.KRIWAN-Testzentrum.de) and Kiwa FSS products (a tradename of Telefication B.V.) (www.telefication.com) as well as Euralarm (www.euralarm.org).

Application as new Member:

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